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If you want to take your life to the next level you cannot succeed without strategy, preparation, discipline and most of all mentorship!

I created the Academy so i could fulfil my life long mission to serve as many as people as i possibly could. Unfortunately i only 24 hours in the day like the rest of us, making it impossible to coach and mentor everyone who needs my support. 

That's why every month, i will train you on the 5 key foundational elements for true transformation. Confidence, Vision, Accountability, Self Awareness and Habits. Each month you will learn my Input V's Output formula. Where you will get information on what books to read, which areas of life you should be focusing on and the strategies, systems and tools that i give my VIP coaching clients. We will deep into the science behind why your doing what you're doing and focus on changing your thought patterns and behaviours. All of this and so much more.


LIVE monthly training and Q&A with me every month + Guests. (If for whatever reason you cannot attend the live, don't worry as it will all be recorded and posted in the group for you to watch as many times as you want). I help you understand how to generate a deeper level of self awareness, unstoppable confidence, bulletproof habits of high performance and vision that will be so clear for you that you cannot wait jump out of bed in the morning.​

PLUS when you become a member you'll also going get:

BONUS#1: When you register for the monthly program today, you'll get 50% off your ticket to The Tim Cooper Academy LIVE Seminar! (£197 Value!) My next seminar is in London, Kensington on February 2020. In My " The Art of Learning"  Workshop you’ll learn uncover critical concepts to reaching your full potential: The Concept of  The Art of Unlearning Workshop is to reveal the potential that you already have, the potential that's been hiding beneath your fears. Rather than adding more information, more skills, more tools and even more knowledge you will learn how to UNLEARN and focus on removing what's not serving you. Removing these layers will allow you to gain clarity and perspective in all areas of your life. 


BONUS #2: My 3 Proven Ways to Turn Your Life Around mini course. Get massive results right away through this 3 step course that will give you the tools and direction, right now, to start seeing more success and achieve more happiness and clarity in your life! (£97 Value!)

BONUS #3: A FREE copy of my best selling 5 star amazon book THE ART OF UNLEARNING(£22.95 Value!) where i teach you that - A successful life is not built on your ability to add, but on your ability to remove" I’m going to show you that, no matter how deep the hole you’ve got into, no matter how bleak the future seems, you can get out and you can and a life worth living.Trust me. I’ve done it.

BONUS #4: 12 months access to my private online community: Ask me any questions and connect with fellow champions for the entire year.

BONUS #5 : Access to training that's only produced for the Academy Monthly. NO ONE ELSE GETS THIS!

This is you chance be coached and mentored by me personally.

FREE Access to Tim's "Proven way to turn your life around"

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