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In Tim's " The Art of Learning"  Workshop you’ll learn uncover critical concepts to reaching your full potential:

The Concept of  The Art of Unlearning Workshop is to reveal the potential that you already have, the potential that's been hiding beneath your fears. Rather than adding more information, more skills, more tools and even more knowledge you will learn how to UNLEARN and focus on removing what's not serving you. Removing these layers will allow you to gain clarity and perspective in all areas of your life. 

In this workshop we will be focusing on the following areas:


Values, Judgement, and Belief 

I will show you how to focus your mind on what's really important to you by creating better relationships with yourself and others. You will walk away with more self belief and the power to make more positive decisions in life.


Energy, Fear, and faith

I will help you rediscover how accomplishing small wins and setting daily intensions will unlock your body’s incredible energy and power. We will take back control of your nutrition, workout routines and daily mindfulness and energy practices.


Courage, Habits and Goals

I will give you practical tools and advanced strategies that already lie underneath your layers of self doubt. Get ready to dive deep into your priorities, daily routines and rituals, and accomplish your goals more with fun and joy.

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