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Become Unstoppable


Alice Law (Performance Coach- Lawali Life)


" I was at a crossroads not knowing how to move forwards with what I knew deep down I needed to do with my life - Tim helped me to realise my purpose, but most importantly he helped me to remember my own worth and what I had to offer .

James Green (Divisional Manager- deVere Group)


"  Tim was recommended to me by a friend so I  contacted him with the aim / expectation of getting an extra 1% in my working life. I was on the hunt for any tips to do with productivity, motivation, effectiveness. When Tim explained we would first start work on ME personally and then my family life I was sceptical as this wasn’t my initial focus area. That said I’m an open minded person so I went with it and gave his process a chance. A year on I’m fitter and happier than ever in myself and at home which has resulted in a dramatic shift in all the things I wanted to achieve, only I’m 20% more effective not 1%. The no nonsense approach suits me as well as his high energy. Tim constantly adds value and has become a good friend as well as a mentor.

Georgie Mclean (CEOO- Wiffaway)


" Tim's no bullshit approach to coaching was exactly what i needed. He has a way of cutting through the excuses and getting to the source faster than i've ever seen. This meant i was able to move forward faster than i ever thought"


Tim Cooper is an author, speaker and a specialist in life recovery coaching. In his book “The Art of Unlearning”, Tim teaches that no matter what kind of whole you are in, no matter how bleak the future looks, you can get out and find a life worth living. Trust him, he’s done it himself. His podcast “The Tim Cooper Academy Podcast” debuted on iTunes in June 2018, and his new YouTube show, “The Art of Unlearning", is set to take the channel by storm. Over 60,000 people see his posts on Instagram every week. He has been hailed as “one of the most authentic, genuine and relatable coaches in the market today, transforming the lives of thousands of people and has been featured in The London Metro, The Guardian and Women’s Health Magazine. Tim’s philosophy is - “You can never live a life of total fulfilment until you shift your focus to contributing beyond yourself”

In Tim's eyes there is no greater gift than investing in yourself.


"A successful life is not built on your ability to add, but on your ability to remove"

I’m going to show you that, no matter how deep the hole you’ve got into, no matter how bleak the future seems, you can get out and you can and a life worth living.Trust me. I’ve done it.

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