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Hi, I'm Tim

I am just a guy from Enfield in North London that finally decided to step up. That’s the simple truth. I was lost, overwhelmed and succumbing to temptation. My vision is clear, to go back and help millions of people who find themselves in the position that I once was. I want to help you unlock the life that you truly deserve and to show you what’s possible when you turn your struggles into strengths.

I am now proud to say that I’ve created a global coaching business where I get to serve tens of thousands of amazing people from all around the world.

Through my 5 star Amazon book, the art of unlearning, my group coaching programs, and the free content I share online, I’m creating a movement that gives you the tools and strategies to help you break free and transform your life forever.

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There’s a part of you that you’ve not uncovered yet, a part of you that will bring you everything that you’ve ever wished for in life. I’m here to make sure you uncover it.


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"Tim is strong, focused, passionate, direct and caring. If you are looking for someone to call you out I would highly recommend Tim as a mentor or coach"




Self-Awareness, Vision, Habits and Action. You will learn my Input V's Output formula. Where you will get coaching on the strategies, systems, and tools that I give my VIP coaching clients. We will deep into the science behind why you’re doing what you are doing and focus on changing your thought patterns and behaviors. All of this and so much more

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"Don't listen to what I say, watch what I do"



   Built a 6 figure global coaching business from the ground up.
   Launched a 5 star Amazon best selling book “The Art Of Unlearning.”
  Flown all around the world to work with CEO’s, entrepreneurs and business owners.
✓   Delivered over 5000 hours of coaching in 12 different countries.
 Been featured in numerous online and print articles including The Daily Mail, The Mail Online, The Guardian, London Metro and Womens Health.
✓   Spoken in front of hundreds of people and shared the stage with some of the most influential leaders and Industry experts in the world.
✓   Run an independent Mastermind and Workshops in London.
✓   Sold over £400,000 of coaching programmes.
✓   Developed an unshakeable mindset and psychology of a champion that I pass on to all my clients.

My 5* Amazon Book “The Art Of Unlearning’ 

After spending years judging my success (and others’) on the volume of shiny objects I had, I realised that attaching happiness to material things – or even to a specific outcome, in fact – is a recipe for disaster. Obsessively chasing that next promotion or collecting designer watches might seem like the mark of a winner, but if you need to have something in your life in order for you to be happy – if you are attaching your happiness to external factors – you will always be searching for that next hit of dopamine. It’s like an addiction: you’re always chasing that first-ever feeling of euphoria, and the satisfaction you derive becomes less and less every time.
It wasn’t until I lost what I thought was everything – until my career and my material possessions were stripped away – that I claimed back my true values and gained clarity, perspective and gratitude for all that I had. I was forced into a position that made me see the world through a different set of eyes and appreciate the small pleasures in life. As a result of my own experience, I now see that it’s the simplicity and fundamentals of life that hold true beauty. You don’t need more, you need less.
 I’m not just talking in terms of material possessions. In today’s world most of us are searching for a new tool, a new skill, more information, more knowledge – but everything we need is already inside of us. Under all the layers of fear and self-doubt, our true potential is already there, waiting for us to uncover it. It’s not until we remove what’s not serving us that we can see clearly what truly matters.
 As I set out on my own journey, I soon came to realise that the best things in life aren’t things at all.They are people. They are experiences.
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Tim Cooper TV is a video talk show that introduces the audience to the most mesmerising people in the world. The show is featured on YouTube, Instagram TV, iTunes and is hosted by myself- Tim Cooper.

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