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VIP Bespoke One-to-One Coaching Program

Elevate Your Success in Just Six Months

Welcome to our exclusive VIP Bespoke One-to-One Coaching Program, designed specifically for exceptional men like you—entrepreneurs, business owners, tycoons, CEOs, founders, directors, and executives. This is your ultimate opportunity to break through barriers and achieve extraordinary new levels of success.

Ready for the Next Level?

You’ve already built a remarkable career and life, but you know there’s more to achieve. You understand that reaching the next level requires dedication, time, and the right guidance. Your curiosity and proactive nature have brought you here—now, let’s harness that drive to unlock your full potential.

Unprecedented Exclusivity

This program is incredibly exclusive, with only 10 slots available each year. Each participant receives unparalleled attention and tailored support. As a member, you will have unlimited access to me personally, ensuring you get the highest level of bespoke coaching.

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VIP Bespoke Online Coaching Program

Achieve Unprecedented Success in Just Six Months

Welcome to our VIP Elite Online Coaching Program, meticulously crafted for high-achieving men—entrepreneurs, business owners, tycoons, CEOs, founders, directors, and executives. This program is designed to offer you the flexibility and strategic guidance needed to reach new heights of success, allowing you to implement changes at your own pace.

Tailored for Visionary Leaders

This program is for distinguished men who have already reached significant milestones in their careers and lives but are eager for more. It’s for those who understand that sustainable growth requires time for implementation and reflection. You are ready to take calculated steps toward even greater success, driven by your vision and proactive nature.

Exclusivity and Strategic Implementation

Our VIP Elite Online Coaching Program offers you the perfect balance of guidance and autonomy. Each participant receives tailored support and exclusive access to my expertise, ensuring your journey is both unique and highly effective.

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30 Days of Change Program

Transform Your Mindset in Just One Month

Welcome to our 30 Days of Change Program, an intensive and dynamic coaching experience designed to kickstart your journey to personal transformation. This entry-level program is perfect for high-achieving men—entrepreneurs, business owners, tycoons, CEOs, founders, directors, and executives—ready to make significant changes quickly and effectively.

Who Is This For?

The 30 Days of Change Program is ideal for successful men who are committed to rapid personal improvement and eager to see tangible results in a short period. If you are looking to refine your mindset, overcome limiting beliefs, and set the foundation for ongoing growth, this program is your perfect starting point.


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Self-Awareness, Vision, Habits and Action. You will learn my Input V's Output formula. Where you will get coaching on the strategies, systems, and tools that I give my VIP coaching clients. We will deep into the science behind why you’re doing what you are doing and focus on changing your thought patterns and behaviors. All of this and so much more


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"Tim is strong, focused, passionate, direct and caring. If you are looking for someone to call you out I would highly recommend Tim as a mentor or coach"